Cancer Survivor: Abigail Scott

“Cancer Survivor.” I never thought that term applied to me. That was a term reserved for those strong, brave people who had heard those defining words, “you have cancer.” “Cancer Survivor” defined those determined people who had undergone chemo, or radiation, maybe multiple surgeries – people who had fought and survived – in my mind, […]


Why Philanthropy is Good for You!

Aesop’s Fables are credited to Aesop, a storyteller from Ancient Greece.  These stories not only entertain children but are also useful reflections for grown ups.  It is of no wonder that Aesop’s stories of kindness and giving have stood the test of time. So how do we encourage kindness beyond storytelling?  More than being kind, how […]


5 Reasons to Hit the Trail

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just beginning to lace up your sneakers, trail running is a great option as spring unfolds into warmer weather.  Here are five reasons to give the trail a try: Get outside – Many of us have spent the winter months in the basement on the treadmill or at […]

Reflections on the Ride

There is a wisdom that children seem to have from birth – the importance of savoring the present.  They neither dwell in the past nor live for the future.  They are always in the moment.  Yet, simultaneously, they dream large and they hope perpetually.  Even terminally ill children maintain this awareness and hope is what […]


This Time It’s Personal

This Time It’s Personal   It’s hard to believe it’s only the second year for Team CMMD’s own 5K and 1 mile walk, considering the impact this organization has made locally and to the American Cancer Society (ACS) through the Broad Street Run.   The name of our race says it all: This Run’s Personal. […]


Take a frozen bag of peas out of the freezer. Take a single pea out and place on kitchen counter. Cover it with a paper towel, and press/touch it with the pads of your finger tips. That is what my testicular tumor felt like. I waited two weeks to see Roc Doc Christine. She had me in […]

Etiquette on the Trail

This team is truly amazing. When we all get together we can have a major impact on the world. This is generally a good thing, a VERY good thing. Unfortunately, because of our size we can sometimes have a less than favorable impact on our friends and neighbors who would also like to use Chester […]