What is hair?

Meet Amy Dluhy…She contacted the Team CMMD Foundation with a challenge: “As I type this I am writing a speech to say at one of my dearest friend’s memorials tomorrow night. She was only 56 and beat cancer for 10 years and then suffered swift and fast. I was lucky to spend a few hours early last […]

Wheels Headed Down the Shore

This is my cancer story. A voice pulled me from my nightmares and into reality —the worst nightmare of all. My name, it said. I stirred. Again it repeated my name, and this time I could detect a sense of urgency coupled with fear and the dryness that only comes from hours of sobbing. Josh. […]


Team CMMD Cycling Gears Up

The following story shared by Team CMMD Cyclist Jill Maki: This time last June, I waited wheel-to-wheel at the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge, with my fellow Team CMMD cyclists, to ride my first century ride — 100 miles from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. I was nervous but very excited to tackle one of […]

Cancer Survivor: Abigail Scott

“Cancer Survivor.” I never thought that term applied to me. That was a term reserved for those strong, brave people who had heard those defining words, “you have cancer.” “Cancer Survivor” defined those determined people who had undergone chemo, or radiation, maybe multiple surgeries – people who had fought and survived – in my mind, […]


Why Philanthropy is Good for You!

Aesop’s Fables are credited to Aesop, a storyteller from Ancient Greece.  These stories not only entertain children but are also useful reflections for grown ups.  It is of no wonder that Aesop’s stories of kindness and giving have stood the test of time. So how do we encourage kindness beyond storytelling?  More than being kind, how […]