SpeEDy 5K


  • Start: June 8, 2017 6:30 PM
  • End: June 8, 2017 8:00 PM

1 Park Road, Coatesville, PA, United States

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When Ed Kokoszka was in his twenties, he and friend decided to get healthy and to do so, they decided to run.
At first, they walked and ran around a track, eventually getting fit enough to run without walking. Ed developed a love of running that blossomed into long weekend runs and races. Local in origin, they began in Media, but eventually he ran the Broad Street Run and the Jefferson Distance Run. His love of running and his desire to help others became a healthy marriage as he began to sign up for those that would benefit others in need.
So, when Dr. Christine Meyer of Team CMMD asked him to sign up for her running team to benefit the American Cancer Society, true to his character he did it without hesitation. Ed was an integral part of that team, embodying everything about the people on it by being a leader through his positivity and his encouragement. He wanted his teammates to finish even when they felt they couldn’t, he would go the extra mile to ensure they did.
Sadly, at the age of 59, he died suddenly just before Christmas in 2015, survived by his wife and five children. He is fondly remembered for his wonderful qualities and attributes by his friends, family and Team CMMD teammates and this run series will benefit a scholarship for his two youngest children and Team CMMD.