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Team CMMD is a force for good in our community, making a difference for local cancer patients in more ways than one. Give to any program of your choice and make a direct difference. Thank you!

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Karen L. Baker Scholarship


Karen Baker was an active and valuable Team CMMD Foundation volunteer who bravely fought liposarcoma, a rare form of soft-tissue cancer.

In honor of Karen’s bravery, one or more qualifying students graduating from Chester County high schools will be awarded a $20,000 college scholarship.  Sponsoring this scholarship fund allows Team CMMD to continue supporting students who have been touched by cancer in their lives so they may pursue higher education.  Thank you for being part of the team!


Direct-to-Family Financial Assistance Program


No one plans to get cancer, let alone plan financially for the missed work, insurance co-pays, and medication costs.  The Team CMMD Foundation raises funds in order to donate them to families facing cancer.  These financial assistance checks pay for a mortgage, pay for a utility bill or even purchase new equipment to keep homes running smoothly.  Sponsoring this program allows the Team CMMD Foundation to continue funding patients’ needs so they can focus on their families and they can focus on getting better.  Thank you for being part of the team!


Dedication Run/Walk/Rides


Before the Team CMMD Foundation raised a single dollar, we wanted to provide a showing of moral support for local cancer patients.  Runners started dedicating their monthly miles in honor of a fighter and dedication runs were born.  Now expanded to runners, walkers and cyclists, these Dedication Run/Walk/Rides occur monthly at the Struble or Chester Valley trails.  Donating to this program covers costs of signed posters and photos sent to patients.  Thank you for being part of the team!


Survivors’ Luncheon


Simultaneously, one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs is to be a parent.  To see a parent sick with cancer is harder yet.  Team CMMD Foundation is proud to honor those living with and surviving cancer and their guests.  Sponsoring these events allows the Team CMMD Foundation to cover food and favor costs and continue to honor more superhero parents in our area.  Thank you for being part of the team!


Care Packs for Caregivers


What began as a simple way to show appreciation has grown into an important symbol of thanks.  Care packs are specially assembled for caregivers of cancer patients.  Items inside are thoughtfully collected to be just want you want when you need it.  Whether it is a new lip balm for those dry hospital rooms or a crossword puzzle book to keep you occupied in the waiting room, Care packs are here for you.  Sponsoring this program allows volunteers to include meaningful items for caregivers from hand-knit scarves to gum to battery chargers.  Thank you for being part of the team!


“No One Fights Alone” Blankets


Born out of a service project from the kids in Team CMMD in Training for the residents of Hope Lodge, these hand-tied double layer fleece blankets are embroidered with the slogan, “No One Fights Alone”.  Each December, Team CMMD continues to present these gifts to the cancer patients at Hope Lodge, but the team also provides these blankets to dedication run recipients throughout the year.  Sponsoring this program funds additional service projects to continue tying together more love for our local cancer patients.  Thank you for being part of the team!


Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge Dinners


AstraZeneca Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Society offers lodging at no cost for cancer patients being treated in the Philadelphia area.

Volunteers from our team prepare and provide up to 6 dinners per year for 40 residents and their caregivers. During these dinners our team members spend time talking with patients and their families and find out what we can do to help more. Sponsoring these dinners allows Team CMMD to continue purchasing healthy food options and creating more memorable evenings.  Thank you for being a part of the team!


Holiday Giving Trees


Team CMMD seeks to light up the holidays with Holiday Giving Trees each December.  Cancer patients in need are nominated through our website.  Team CMMD will deliver a table top tree adorned in local store gift cards to ease the demands of daily living.  Sponsoring this program allows the Team CMMD Foundation to provide more holiday sparkle to local cancer patients in need.  Thank you for being part of the team!