Team CMMD in Training … Together!

Last fall I jumped at the chance to sign my then 11-year-old son Andrew up for Team CMMD in Training. I was hoping that he would catch the “running bug” and discover that he loved running just as much as I do. I am a planner, and in my brain I had it all mapped out – from training runs to crossing the finish line with him at This Run’s Personal 5K. What I didn’t expect was that Team CMMD in Training was much more than learning the mechanics of running. As with so many things CMMD related, there was a spark of excitement ignited within our youngest runners.


Pushing personal limits

For many kids, this was their first experience on a running team. Week after week the coaches helped every member dig deep and discover their own strength and determination. Whether it was running a mile or three for the first time ever, setting a personal record, or just jumping out of their comfort zone and meeting new friends, it was evident on day one that new friendships were formed and bonds were made. On this team, no one trains alone.




One of my favorite events of the training was the one-mile run for our youngest members. The energy could be felt in the air. I loved the look of happiness on the face of every kid as they crossed the finish line while being cheered on by their older team mates. I remember the look of pride on the face of each coach and the tears in many eyes when teammates went back to run the final runners to the finish. On this team, no one finishes alone.


Philanthropy and Mission

Team CMMD in Training is not just about getting ready for the race. The spirit of Team CMMD – giving back to the community – was evident with every experience. The Lemon Drop Challenge in support of Brielle Barber was a tangible show of support for this beautiful little girl fighting brain cancer, for the second time, with grace and strength. On this team, no one fights alone.


Team CMMD in Training is gearing up for season three and I can’t wait to be inspired once again by this group. On this team, no one runs alone.

~ Kelly Pruden, Team CMMD teammate

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