This Run IS Personal

REGISTER for the EVENT          SPONSOR the RACE          WATCH the 2015 VIDEO This run IS personal. We run to fight against a ruthless opponent and line five kilometers with the names of those who combat cancer each day and for those that we’ve lost…participants’ parents, neighbors, friends, spouses and children. […]

What is hair?

Meet Amy Dluhy…She contacted the Team CMMD Foundation with a challenge: “As I type this I am writing a speech to say at one of my dearest friend’s memorials tomorrow night. She was only 56 and beat cancer for 10 years and then suffered swift and fast. I was lucky to spend a few hours early last […]

Wheels Headed Down the Shore

This is my cancer story. A voice pulled me from my nightmares and into reality —the worst nightmare of all. My name, it said. I stirred. Again it repeated my name, and this time I could detect a sense of urgency coupled with fear and the dryness that only comes from hours of sobbing. Josh. […]


Team CMMD Cycling Gears Up

The following story shared by Team CMMD Cyclist Jill Maki: This time last June, I waited wheel-to-wheel at the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge, with my fellow Team CMMD cyclists, to ride my first century ride — 100 miles from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. I was nervous but very excited to tackle one of […]