Maria, center with Elaine and Karen at the Broad Street Expo.

Four years ago, Maria U. (center) weighed 300 pounds. She was in an unhealthy relationship, and believed what she was told: that she wasn’t good enough. With the encouragement of friends, and Dr. Christine Meyer, Maria started to get healthier. In March of 2013, she was determined to move on, and vowed to run Broad Street 2014.

Fast forward to today. Maria has shed not only 135 lbs, but a lifetime of poor self-esteem. This year she ran Broad Street, her first ten mile race ever—because she can. “As a team, we have cried, laughed, shared our deepest thoughts and secrets, our ups and downs, hardships and successes. We’re a team but really a family . . . we lift each other up and it carries us another day!”