Elaine G. is our unofficial but unfailing team cheerleader. She is one of our most active fundraisers, volunteers, runners, and facebookers. And she always has a sparkling smile on her face. Elaine’s huge heart and selfless nature compel her to seek out those who seem down, discouraged or tired and offer them words of encouragement… Continue reading Elaine


Tom and Claree: Responsible for the CMMD "joke"

Tom K. was the the very first member (after founder, Christine) of Team CMMD. He responded within minutes to Christine’s request to form a charity team benefiting the ACS. Tom had lost his older brother to head and neck cancer, and his brother’s wife to breast cancer. After spending time with his brother and sister-in-law… Continue reading Tom


In 2013, Wendy F. signed up to run 10 miles down Broad Street as a member of Team CMMD, in honor of her mom, who had battled and beat cancer seven times. A month later, Wendy’s 46 year old brother, Joe, was diagnosed with colon cancer. In 2014, Wendy signed on again. How could she… Continue reading Wendy


Jamie S. doesn’t consider himself a runner. He actually hates the running. Walking he’ll do. But he loves volunteering, and helping to make the world a better place. “My dad died of cancer. My wife has had many carcinomas cut off her skin. I’m a scientist. I know there are answers awaiting good labs that… Continue reading Jamie


Diane and her husband after the Victory 5K.

In 2011 Diane Q. was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and lost a pregnancy in the second trimester. She was depressed and desperate. In early 2013 a friend casually mentioned our team. Diane says that the first group run she came to changed her life. The “You can do it, we can do it together” attitude… Continue reading Diane


Maria, center with Elaine and Karen at the Broad Street Expo.

Four years ago, Maria U. (center) weighed 300 pounds. She was in an unhealthy relationship, and believed what she was told: that she wasn’t good enough. With the encouragement of friends, and Dr. Christine Meyer, Maria started to get healthier. In March of 2013, she was determined to move on, and vowed to run Broad… Continue reading Maria


Earl running the Nick Smiles 5K.

Earl D. was training for a 5K in mid-February 2013 when, through a healthy dose of FaceBook hazing, he signed up for Broad Street. He didn’t know it at the time, but training to run 10 miles in a few short weeks would not be the hardest thing Earl had to do. This year Earl… Continue reading Earl