A pediatric patient of our founder’s husband was dying of osteosarcoma. Miranda Ram-Nolte’s final wish was to have a burial complete with a beautiful casket her family couldn’t afford. Team CMMD leapt into action, holding events to raise funds beyond those we’d already committed to. Because of Miranda, Team CMMD’s mission changed – from running and raising funds exclusively for the American Cancer Society to dedicating ourselves to helping a multitude of cancer causes.

Miranda’s story is one of hardship and heartbreak. She was diagnosed with cancer at 12. It returned when she was 16, and again when she was 17. Chemotherapy, surgeries, and experimental treatments all ultimately failed. But she was a young lady with an indomitable spirit. Her “cancer does not rule me” attitude drove her to accomplish many things, including as an actress doing voiceover work in two movies, recording a song, and writing a posthumously published book.

We are proud to have helped in some small way to honor Miranda’s wish, and are energized by her spirit of LIVING.