Random Acts of Kindness: Team CMMD Style

Several years ago right before Christmas, I had a terrible week at work.  The night we had planned to string up our outdoor holiday lights, a serious car accident happened right outside of our office. Instinctively, I and several of my staff ran outside to see if we could help. It was a cold, wet day and we were out there for hours. I remember complaining to my neighbor about that rotten day. Thankfully the victim of the accident was going to be ok but we were just not meant to have outdoor lights that Christmas.  Several days later, we came home from a day in NJ.  As we pulled into our driveway, my heart stopped. Every tree and bush along the front of our house was strung with Christmas lights. It was such a beautiful sight and beautiful gesture that I cried.pay-it-forward-2014-random-act-of-kindness

Two weeks ago, two other friends of mine was responsible for a RAoK in a big way.  Danielle and Simone recently started a business called Pretty Organized. They do cleaning, decluttering, organizing and decorating. On a bright Monday afternoon in early October, they put their amazing concept to work.

The homeowner is a cancer patient who was receiving her last dose of chemo when Danielle and Simone hit her house. Her battle has been long and hard: surgery after surgery, pain, chemo, radiation, recurrence and more chemo.  It was all her husband could do to keep working and managing the schedules of their two kids. Things like raking leaves, trimming bushes, and certainly decorating for Halloween were not on his radar.

Enter Pretty Organized.

In a few hours, utilizing several pairs of volunteer hands, Danielle and Simone raked, trimmed, and created a beautiful fall scene on the porch–just because.random-acts-of-kindness

There are days when simply emptying the dishwasher seems like a chore.  There are weeks when we go out to eat five times because I can’t bring myself to cook.  There are years when I REALLY don’t feel like taking the Christmas decorations down and contemplate hopping a flight to anywhere to avoid the whole decorating thing.

And.  I. Don’t. Have. Cancer.

We have all been in those situations I described.  I was moved to tears by yesterday’s explosion of RAoK.   Collectively, we brightened the days of HUNDREDS of strangers and each other alike.

It got me thinking of Danielle, Simone, Jen and the upcoming holidays.  Perhaps we can spread the warmth of holiday decor to the homes of cancer patients that are just too tired or sick to do it themselves.  It can be as simple as sweeping a porch and putting a few lights up.

Whatever we do, it will help bring a smile to someone who really needs it. As you get into the bustling season ahead, please keep your eyes open for families that might need some cheer. Nominate them at www.teamcmmd.org.  If you think you may be interested in participating in our committee, please email me at christine@christinemeyermd.com.

RAoK are special ANY day and for EVERY one who receives them. But, bringing light to cancer patients over the holidays? That’s RAoK–Team CMMD Style.


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