This Time It’s Personal

This Time It’s Personal


It’s hard to believe it’s only the second year for Team CMMD’s own 5K and 1 mile walk, considering the impact this organization has made locally and to the American Cancer Society (ACS) through the Broad Street Run.Team CMMD 6756


The name of our race says it all: This Run’s Personal. Because whether you run or take the 1-mile walk, isn’t it personal? Don’t all of us, either out loud or in our hearts, hit the pavement for a reason?


Sometimes it’s to improve our health, get in some cardio and fresh air. Maybe it’s to hang with a friend (or two or ten) who is recovering or recovered from cancer and is showing it who’s boss. Many times we lace up in honor of—or in memory of—a loved one. Make no mistake: every effort by Team CMMD is personal, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We tapped Team CMMD Race Director Wendy Ford for the inside scoop on how the tag line caught on in 2014. She gave us two main reasons:

  1. Team CMMD originated from Dr. Christine Meyer’s very personal struggle with how to help her aunt in her cancer battle. She shared her personal story with a group of people in her life and invited them to join her in running to raise money for the cause. That group of four has become more than 1,100, but for each of us, the reason we are on Team CMMD and the reason we run and fight is quite personal.
  2. One of the goals for the race is to raise money that can go directly and personally back in the community and to the families we know who are fighting cancer. The American Cancer Society does great things and we are big supporters, but Team CMMD takes funds raised and gives them back directly to our local cancer fighters. This includes a $20,000 scholarship ($5,000 per academic year attended) given to a local graduating senior who has been directly affected by cancer.

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Our 2014 inaugural This Run’s Personal 5K and 1 Mile Walk raised $20,000 to do just that: help fund the Team CMMD Foundation’s family assistance, scholarship and community outreach programs. Check out our Impact page to learn more about how the money makes a difference. That first run garnered 22 sponsors—won’t you join us this year?


Registration is open for this year’s 5K on Saturday, Nov. 7, at Downingtown West High School. Race day registration opens at 7:30 a.m., and the 5K begins at 9. It’s just $25 for adults 18 and over, and $20 for ages 17 and under to take part in this important event. There are prizes, of course, but the biggest prize of all is knowing the Team CMMD Foundation will be able to help more of our neighbors who are dealing with this dreadful disease.

Runners registered names of those fighting or who lost the battle to cancer - this run was certainly personal
Runners registered names of those fighting or who lost the battle to cancer – this run was certainly personal

Doesn’t get more personal than that. Register today!

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Content provided by blogger and walker Nina Malone.

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