5 Reasons to Hit the Trail

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just beginning to lace up your sneakers, trail running is a great option as spring unfolds into warmer weather.  Here are five reasons to give the trail a try:

  1. Get outside – Many of us have spent the winter months in the basement on the treadmill or at the gym.  Running through the trails allows you to soak in that Vitamin D from the sunshine and fill your lungs with a trail breeze.  Your grandmother knew best when she said “Go get some fresh air!”  Studies show that time outside is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system.
  2. Change your scenery – Even if you spend ample time outdoors, it may be running the same sidewalk through town amongst the cars or around the same track at school.  Running on a natural terrain trail provides new scenery.  This change engages your mind in something new and makes time go by more quickly.
  3. Strengthen and give yourself a break – Trail running is a great way to strengthen your leg muscles.  Natural terrains absorb more shock and require your legs to work harder to travel along the surface.  This shock absorption ultimately is more forgiving on your joints.  Alternating pavement runs with trail runs allows a sense of strength training that is also easier on  your body!
  4. Let your mind wander – Hitting the trail amongst the trees and grass allows you to focus on the running, not the intersections, stop lights and other vehicles around you.
  5. Take a deep breath – Which leads to the last on our list – better air quality.  Getting outside, changing the scenery, running on a more forgiving terrain and getting in the zone kind of get ruined when you inhale the car fumes.  Running on natural trails often takes you away from the bustle of town streets and the carbon monoxide of vehicle exhaust.

So do what your grandma said and get outside – hit the trail today!


Want to hit the trail this summer?  Here are two great events to get outside and get moving:

Community and Trails Day – June 4th, 5K at 5pm…Register at www.racemenu.com/trail for the trail run 5K and stay with the family to enjoy live band, DJ, moonbounces, facepainting and rock wall – all free!  Local vendors will have food and crafts available for sale. Enter code TRAILS0510 at checkout for $5 registration through May 8th!

SpeEDy 5K series in memory of Team CMMDmate Ed Kokoska – Team CMMD will host three 5K events – June 22nd, July 27th and August 24th – at Hibernia Park.  Click below to choose an event for which to register.  Or, sign up for the Season Pass and run all three 5K events for one discounted price. Register by May 8th for $10 off!  https://www.racemenu.com/events/139587-SpeEDy-5K-Race-Series-2016-1-Season-Pass-June-22-2016

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