Why Philanthropy is Good for You!

Aesop’s Fables are credited to Aesop, a storyteller from Ancient Greece.  These stories not only entertain children but are also useful reflections for grown ups.  It is of no wonder that Aesop’s stories of kindness and giving have stood the test of time. So how do we encourage kindness beyond storytelling?  More than being kind, how can we all make a difference?

Studies show that the act of giving increases happiness [1].  What’s more, the act of giving can solidify family values in what the family chooses to support and increase family communication in making those donation decisions together.  Experts in the field of philanthropy such as the Lily School of Philanthropy at Indiana University document that children who perform acts of kindness experience greater well being as well as acceptance among peers, leading to improved behavior and academic performance [2].  Studies have also shown that individuals receive the benefits of charitable giving regardless of the amount of money they actually give [1].  It is engaging in the planning and follow through of philanthropy that refills the human spirit for generations. The shared decision making, the investment either economically or mentally, the feeling of responsibility for helping others – these are the goals that will prepare the next generation to manage their future and be a part of their community. So all this time Aesop has been right – no act of kindness is wasted.

The Team CMMD Foundation recently had the honor of presenting a project to the Owen J. Roberts Middle School Youth and Philanthropy Program.  Through the fundraising and project management of the students in the program, 30 care packages for children going through chemotherapy treatments at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will be created at Owen J. Roberts Middle School.  The students, under guidance from their teacher advisor, plan and execute the project.  Delivery of these special care packages is slated for later this month.

Another great organization in our area is the Brandywine Health Foundation Coatesville Area Youth Philanthropy Program.  Established in 2015 and underwritten by the Citadel Federal Credit Union, this program engages a small group Coatesville teens in learning about how to support the Coatesville area and healthy living.  With mentorship provided community leaders, youth participants evaluate the needs of their community.  Ultimately, the students are able to distribute $15,000 to support programs in their area.

Want to give back now, not when the kids are in double digits?  Choose your own Random Act of Kindness day with your family.  Provide financial donations or simply hold the door for someone with their hands full.  Pay for the person behind you in the drive through or donate family time to your child’s school preparing materials for a teacher.  Share your random act of kindness – post or tweet it using #RAOKteamcmmd

Please join us on May 22nd for a Team CMMD Foundation & Teen Community Partnership Meeting.  We would like introduce middle & high school students to Team CMMD Foundation and offer a way to support them with their community service projects.  Our goal is to help provide the structure for new events that will impact the community as well as help us raise awareness and funds for Team CMMD Foundation.  We would like to help the students generate ideas, plans, and organize their ideas with implementation by the end of the 2017 school year.  Please RSVP whether you can make it or even if you can’t and would like future information.  Thank you! 

Event info and RSVP here –> http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0e4aabad2c7-team2

Remember, no act of kindness is EVER wasted.

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[2] “Women Give 2013: New Research on Charitable Giving by Girls and Boys,” Lily School of Philanthropy, Indiana University, Women’s Philanthropy Institute (2013).

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