Just How Does Team CMMD roll?

One day in Mid-March, Team CMMD and Wendy Ford announced a new focus, a gift card drive for Sandy Libran.

Sandy is an amazing woman who has worked at Downingtown East High school for 15 years as the attendance secretary. In addition, she also works part time at a day care after her full time job. And then she also does youth meetings at her church 2-3 times a week and is involved in prison ministry. Sandy has supported many young children and young people in her life.


In November 2014, Sandy was diagnosed with the devastating news that she had aggressive breast cancer. She had her surgery on December 24th and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  During this time, Sandy’s living circumstances also changed, and she had to move 3 days after her surgery.

Sandy is a warrior who has the strength of 10 women despite being 60 years old. Sandy has kept working and doing what she can every day despite her struggles with her many doctor and treatment appointments.

So, the Team CMMD Foundation asked for gift cards and here is what happened: The multi-talented team of Kristy Harper, Karen Madgigale, Kathi Donovan, Brenda Kiely and Wendy Ford got together with Christine Meyer. Kristy came up with the garden theme and supplies to get started and Kathi shared her creative skills with painting and crafting flowers. Brenda had a closet full of supplies and designed the colorful flowers. Karen had the magnet idea and kept the group focused and driven. And Wendy kept everyone on the team super motivated to give the many generous gift cards.


And BAM – this is what Team CMMD donated 2 weeks later:

Gift Card Amount Donated By TEAM CMMD team members= $2700
Gift Card Amount Donated anonymously = $300
Donation from TEAM CMMD Foundation = $1000


And then Sandy Libran with her huge smile gave Team CMMD a thank you gift. Her tears said it all, especially since she will be without a paycheck for three months until her disability policy kicks in. And so, that is how Team CMMD rolls… someone from Team CMMD asks and we deliver!

TY from Sandy

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