Team CMMD Cycles: On the road this Sunday!

Just like the quiet calm that is Dr. Lalitha Trivikram, the Team CMMD Cycling team stealthily prepares for the Philadelphia Bike-A-Thon on June 14th.  Gears have been spinning and whirring down the Chester Valley Trail for weeks.  The team has grown from a handful of people willing to ride to a troop of 54 cyclists ready to conquer the 66 mile trek on Sunday (and some will do a century ride of 100 miles).  Whether a newbie cyclist (a “Fred”) or an expert, these cyclists have trained together for the big day.  Along the way, the cycling team has raised over $22,000 for the American Cancer Society.  (Support the team with a donation today!)Team CMMD Cycling Logo

The cyclists came together, like most great teams, by chance.  While another good doctor we know was trying to convince Lalitha to join a running team, Dr. T’s polite decline resulted in a new sprout of Team CMMD – the cycling team.  Having been an avid indoor cyclist for years and eager to continue her outdoor training, Dr. T was willing to share her love of cycling and bring more teammates on board to get to “that place to forget all that troubles me.”  It just so happened that a great author, Josh Wagner, was also an experienced triathlete, and a great coach, Peter Crooke, was also a well traveled cyclist. Dr. T rallied the troops, Peter rallied the training and Josh rallied the uniforms. With gracious hearts and dedicated souls, the cycling team took off.



As the cycling team prepares for the great ride this weekend, Team CMMD Foundation, as well as the runners and supporters of Team CMMD, clip in and support these amazing people.  Not only are they dedicated to go the distance, they are dedicated to the Team CMMD mission and supporting cancer warriors.  Last month, Team CMMD Cycling held its premiere dedication ride in honor of Chris Maki and Paul Snyder.  As a great showing of Team CMMD unity, the runners joined that morning as well.  It was that morning that Dr. T had her greatest cycling memory to date. She remembers “the goosebumps I got watching all of the bikes hit the trail”. It is the heart of Team CMMD that will carry these riders through to the finish line.  Crank away cyclists!



Team CMMD Cycling is just getting started.  Although the team will surely take some time out for recovery, have no doubt they will be in the zone back on the trail.  Dr. T already has her eyes on 2016 when asked about her goals for this team.  She would like to “recruit more cyclists of every skill level to our cause and to our passion,..raise funds for the ACS and our own Team CMMD Foundation.”


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