Team CMMD Cycles: Meet Peter Crooke

Today he just cycled from the bridge to the beach – just over 66 miles – and is a leader for Team CMMD Cycling: Mr. Peter Crooke.

Many of you have met Peter in the winter when he introduced his Broad Street Run training program for Team CMMD.  Many of you also follow his blog to continue your training and gain inspiration along the way.  And the lucky members of Team CMMD Cycling have been training with Peter this spring and made this morning’s journey together.


Since he was thirteen, Peter has enjoyed endurance athletics and grew a passion for it.  Distance running was an area where not only did he excel in the intensity of racing, he found a niche in training others.  About five years ago, Peter found that he could continue this passion for endurance athletics with cycling (and save some pounding on his knees!)  Lucky for Team CMMD, Peter’s passion for cycling and talent for coaching evolved into a blog and support for Team CMMD.

One can never deny the emotional and psychological benefits to just being out on a ride. It is one of the main reasons I do it. Still to this day, however, I get a thrill out of meeting a physical challenge, even if it is slower than what I would have done when I was younger,” Peter says.

As the temperatures continue to rise this summer, rides will happen in the mornings or evenings, but they will continue. Peter plans to continue with Team CMMD Cycling and Dr. Lalitha Trivikram.  “I would love to see us continue to organize into a cycling club where we have lots of group rides to choose from and those rides are safe and enjoyable. I would also like to see us continue to bring in and educate new cyclists, providing skill instruction as well as training advice.”


Think you might have the bug?  Want to clip in and spin some gears?  Join the Team CMMD Cycling Facebook page.  Want to support the American Cancer Society and the amazing accomplishment of Team CMMD Cycling this morning?  Donations can still be made!  Let’s make the inaugural Bike-a-Thon with Team CMMD Cycling a great one!11212789_10203131535369099_5057258306984014203_n


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