What is hair?


Meet Amy Dluhy…She contacted the Team CMMD Foundation with a challenge:

“As I type this I am writing a speech to say at one of my dearest friend’s memorials tomorrow night. She was only 56 and beat cancer for 10 years and then suffered swift and fast. I was lucky to spend a few hours early last Sunday with her in the wee small hours of the morning holding her hand and laughing and she looked so amazingly beautiful. All she kept saying was, ‘but I don’t have my hair!’

I said, ‘Peggy you are so beautiful and what is hair???’  When I left I had this horrible feeling I would not see her again. Two days later she left us and now is free of that terrible disease, but I am so sad and now mad that CANCER has robbed us of her amazing and caring spirit.

I told Brielle (5 year old cancer patient) recently, ‘What is hair?…Look at those beautiful eyes and spirit.’ My Uncle Howard who just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary is being hit hard with brain and lung cancer and again he talked about his hair…

So this is what I am offering … if we raise $5000.00 in donations to the Team CMMD Foundation by September 5th,  I will shave my HEAD, because I am a speaker of truth and what is hair?????? 

I WILL DO THIS FOR THOSE WE LOVE!!!! And help others like you have helped Peggy and Diane and Brady,

I HATE HATE Cancer. I have lost my aunt, my uncle, my Godfather, my friend of 30 years, childhood friends, I could go on and on, and I want to make a difference… let me know if you”re in!!


Donate to the Team CMMD Foundation – designate your funds for “What is Hair?”


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